Tips for Planning a Summer Pool Party

It’s officially the summer season and what better to kill off the heat than a fabulously fresh pool party! Hosting this kind of party will be easy right? Not so fast, sonny. This party has the potential to go wrong in many ways- so, here are some tips and tricks to help you enjoy hosting the “cool” party:

1. Don’t Compromise On Life

As much fun as these parties sound, inexperienced or even experienced people can drown under some circumstances- so it’s better to be on your guard for the party or hire some help for the same- Los Angeles party rentals can be a place to start looking from. Fun and games are alright, but life is more important- remember that!

2. Prevent Your Friends From Losing Their Items

Pool parties tend to be the hub of fun as well as lost items and accessories. It’s effortless to drop your items during the hustle and bustle of a party- so be a good host and help your guests out! You can keep small baskets or labeled boxes for the guests to set out their valuables like phones, keys, etc. This way, they won’t lose the items, and there won’t be any hassle involved in finding them!

3. Create a Space for Essentials

Instead of forcing everyone to bring their towels and tanning oils and crowding the place unnecessarily, make space near the pool area and place essentials like towels, tanning oils, lotions, sunscreens, etc. So that overcrowding doesn’t happen if you cannot arrange all of it in a large amount- no worries! Just contact party rentals Los Angeles to help you out!

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4. Play Games- a Lot

What’s a pool party without some volleyball in the pool? Games are the heart and soul of a pool party, so make sure to arrange for that a lot! Games tend to engage a significant chunk of the party population and help you channel the energy of the party- coupled with some good music- your party’s going to be a hit! Classic games like ring toss or volleyball are a must, or you can go creative and have some games like swim-up blackjack or island pool golf game, etc. Skip the cliché music and groove to newer beats- or play whatever you like- after all- it’s your pool party!

5. Send Out Invites

Facebook invites don’t work everywhere and don’t advertise your event that much; so, you need to send out real invites to your party and not just some e-invites. You can pretty much invite anyone to the party- be sure that they won’t dull the atmosphere of your lively party and you’ll be fine!

6. Keep the Spotlight On Your Pool

At the end of the day when everyone’s tired of the swimming and wants a break- you can still keep the spotlight on your pool by adding a water fountain in the middle of the pool. Make it three tiered or an led color changing fountain- anything would work to keep people’s attention on the pool. Relaxing on the patio furniture, enjoying the scenic atmosphere of the poolside fountain is a must have after an energetic day of swimming!

7. Take a Lot of Pictures

One of the regrets that people often have after a great party is not having enough pictures to keep that event alive in memory. So as a host, you can solve that problem quickly! Be the camera person for your guests, encourage them to take lots of photographs- making the activity and the party, both memorable.